Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekend Toy Fun no.6

Well, I've been super busy, and certainly haven't had the time to sort through my vacation photos and put together that continued post on the Philippines. However, I was able to bring you a new edition of WTF! And who better to reintroduce this series of posts, than the "Merc with the Mouth", Deadpool! Oh yeah, that's right, Marvel Legends has brought back Deadpool in all his bad-assness. Check out more on him and some other cool finds.

This figure is from The Return of Marvel Legends line, wave 3 of 2012. Essentially, the wave is comprised of re-used molds and repainted figures, which makes for an overall lackluster wave. But if you're going to bring back any old figure, you might as well bring back the most popular character of all time. To top that off, they gave us Mr. Pool in his modern Uncanny X-Force uniform. Well done Hasbro!

I do like the packaging artwork on this one. If you collect Legends, then you know that this is a very special back card. The poster depicted to the right of Deadpool, is a clear reference to the SDCC Exclusive ML X-Force 3-Pack. Also, if you notice Deadpool is playing with a little Dr. Doom figure, another member of this wave. You can see on the back of the card, the other figures in the wave. My favorites, next to Deadpool, have to be U.S. Agent, Punisher, and Neo-Classic Iron Man. I hope to acquire them in the weeks to come. BBTS currently has them in stock, and they have by far the best deal on this Deadpool.

Just to do a quick review, this figure is quite good overall. The paint apps on mine were solid. As you can see from the pictures, the articulation is varied and allows for a multitude of poses. The accessories include two katanas, one pistol, and one assault riffle (not bad overall). I should mention this line has no BAF, and comes only with the same stands from the Walmart Exclusive, Avengers Movie Line figures.

It wouldn't be a WTF post if there wasn't some toy hunting going on. So it was off to TRU to scope out some dope finds. Won't go into details, the pics speak for themselves.

A Rare Find!

Never Thought I'd see it at Retail

Very Cool!
Hope you guys enjoyed this one, and come back soon for more Weekend Toy Fun!

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  1. Have not seen this one yet but i think i will be picking it up when i do.