Monday, October 29, 2012

WTF no. 7

Well it certainly has been quite a while since my last post, but school, work, life (and now even a Hurricane) will do that. Regardless, I still found the time to bring you this latest installment of Weekend Toy Fun. Not much fun given the 70 mph winds outside my window, but I still have power to shoot a couple nice pics. Check them out and some recent acquisitions and missed opportunities.

Some of you may recognize most of the stuff in the above pic, but for those of you who don't, it's important for me to give you a quick run-down. The figures are a Marvel Legends Yellow Jacket, and Initiative War Machine from the Iron Man 2 Movie Line. The base is a Bandai model kit, Gundam System Base 001. Table is from Jakks Pacific WWE toy line. Other random bits are off of the base and War Machine, plus an accessory from the Marvel Legends Arnim Zola BAF.

Check out this new Cap and Baron too. I got them over the summer via a sweet deal online! Finally putting them to good use in this clean shot. Pick your poison Captain, haha I love it!

Been making mad acquisitions overall since this summer, but between squeezing in posts on all my vacay toy hunts, and the million other things I got going on, I haven't had a chance to post on them. Here's a quick run through. I'll be sure to include these in more detail in future posts.

Nickelodeon TMNT 

I highly recommend these! BBTS has a sweet deal on them now, at $35.99 for the set. Another dope pickup were these Return of Marvel Legends Wave 2 figures. I have to say that the Piledriver figure is by far one of my favorite Legends ever! He's just got such a top notch aesthetic quality that can't be beat! BBTS again is the place to go, although they're currently out of singles you can get him (or Thunderball variant) and the Dark Wolverine (Masked or Unmasked/no choice) in this case of 8.

Return of Marvel Legends Wave 2

Daken (Dark Wolverine) has been turning up at retail in my area, but the Wrecking Crew are impossible to find. Online seems to be the best bet if you simply have to get these guys!

Missed Opportunities 

Find it at Tos "R" Us
Saw one at Target, doubt I'll see it again.
Well friends, that's our show for tonight. I got to run downstairs and make sure were not under water yet hahaha (let's hope not). I'll catch you all later, and keep it safe if you're in the path of the Cane like me. By the way, I haven't forgotten about my promise to post on Green Hills Toy Shops in Manila, just gotta find the time. I'll try to get something up in the coming weeks.

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