Saturday, November 24, 2012

Top Toy Picks for this Holiday Season

Check out some of my top picks for this Holiday season. BBTS is of course the place to go. See what I've selected from their stock. I've sorted through some of the most exciting upcoming figures. There are some really great figures here, that may just help you in your quest to track down the perfect item for the collector in your life.

D-Arts Megaman

This figure is set for release in January 2013. Although this may be a bit late for some folks, but given the high quality of this figure and all the kick-ass accessories it comes with, I'm still recommending it. I must say it is pricey at $42.99, but well worth it given the top notch construction of Bandai products. Get it at BBTS.

S.H. Figuarts Cell

Some people are already getting this one from their existing pre-orders, and with a release date of December 2012, you should get it just in time for the holiday. I have to say  this is probably the most exciting figure to come out in a long time. Again, it's pricey but the S.H. Figuarts line is of the best quality. Well worth it! Get it at BBTS

D-Arts Terry Bogart

Another great figure set for release in December. This will make a nice addition to anyone in to collecting video game figures. Not only that, but his scale makes him a great looking figure for any collector's 6" displays. Overall, a very cool fig. available through BBTS.

Super Robot Chogokin Megazord

While it does not transform, this bot is ideal for the Mighty Morphin fans in your life. Again, as a Bandai product it is of the highest quality in detail and sculpt/paint accuracy. Better yet, this one is actually in stock, and ready to ship. Check it out at BBTS.

Link Figma Figure

This fig. isn't set for release until late 2012, but is well worth the wait. Zelda fans have been waiting for a quality Link figure forever, and now it's here. I highly recommend this one. Pre-order now at BBTS.

Hope you like these selections. They are all top quality figure, sure to impress any collector. Be sure to browse Big-Bad-Toy-Store, as they have everything toy related under the sun. Happy holidays to all, and enjoy the toys!


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  1. Some very impressive figures and it's great to see a character from Fatal Fury/King of Fighters in the mix.