Saturday, November 3, 2012

Toy Shopping in the Pilippines Part 2: Greenhills Shopping Center

As promised, here is my second and final report on my toy adventures in the Philippines. Specifically, this post focuses on the Greenhills Shopping Center in Manila. I give you the run-down on all the best shops and how to find them. Plus, you get to check out the kick-ass toys I spotted and picked up. Check it out!

So let's start with the basics, like how the heck you find this place. First off, I don't recommend travel to Manila to just anyone. If you don't have a native guide or are particularly adventurous (and in some cases extremely brave) you may want to stay away. The traffic alone is enough to detour most tourists, but if you ever find yourself there, the address is Ortigas Avenuegreenhills, Metro Manila Philippines. And yes, it is written like that. My understanding is that Greenhills is a section of Manila (kind of how NYC has boros and neighborhoods within each). 
Another important detail to note, is that the shopping center is not a single uniform building, but really a series of interconnected edifices. Each with its own character, housing everything from cheap trinket souvenirs, to pricey goods. The key to finding the toys is, well it's to read this blog! Wandering around for hours like I did may also yield some results, hahaha!

The address above will have put you at the Promenade (top center), to get to the toys make your way across the "Steel Parking Area" (exactly what it sounds like) to the Shoppes Ville section. Here you will find about half a dozen toy stores on the third floor. Just find the central stair case (not escalators) and go to the third floor. The stair case is right next to the Payless Shoe Store, on the first floor. Head up that and you'll first hit the most well known shop, Great Toys Online

Great Toys Online

This is one of the largest shops, with toys literally stacked floor to ceiling. I was most excited for this shop after having done some research on the place, but it's a bit claustrophobic if you ask me. Wall to wall/ floor to ceiling toys may sound appealing, but when you're there it's a bit overwhelming. They do however, have a website, hence the name! Note that this is the spot if you're looking for new boxed toys. Most other spots here, deal mostly in loose toys, or older collectible MOC's. 

Big Boys Toys

This is one of my favorite shops in the whole place. They deal heavily in DCUC, plus a mix of DC Direct and some Marvel Legends (especially the more recent waves). This is where I got my very hard to find, Wave 16-Robin. Granted it is the Jason Todd head, which is neither my favorite or the rarer of the two, but I found him nonetheless. As a bonus he came with accessories, and at about $19 USD he wasn't a bad deal at all. 

Paint is decent, and joints tight.

Came with Batarang and Grappling Gun
Looks great with Legacy-Golden Age Batman

Moving away from Shoppes Ville, you have absolutely got to hit up V-Mall. Here you will find what has to be the greatest concentration of top notch material you will ever see. I dare say it surpasses even the likes of In's Point and it's all in one shop, R Toys (2nd Floor). If you are into Marvel Legends, I HIGHLY recommend this shop. They have entire waves still MOC, rare loose figs., rare BAF's, and more! They also have every other toy line under the sun, a very nice shop overall. Please note though, they're not cheap. Although somewhat reasonable, they are fully aware of the value of their products. Something like $130 they wanted for ML Ares BAF (decent but not a steal). 

R Toys

V-Mall is home to a ton of great shops. I included pics of some favorites below. Note that they're all on multiple floors within this section of the mall, which is relatively small and simply requires riding up and down the escalators to get between shops. The corridor that houses R Toys, also has a model car shop and comic hero statue/bust shop. Also note, there is a very nicely stocked Toy Kingdom here (you can see it from the central court yard). 

Best Toys 
Highly Recommended for American and Asian Toys
 Special Toy Center
Gundam Model Kits Galore!

Got this in V-Mall, keepin it MOC for now.
Make sure you look around. There were plenty of great shops, I just couldn't photograph them all. Sorry there aren't any pics from within the shops. Owners aren't too keen on that. Also, good to note this isn't really a place for kids. The shops are really more for adult collectors, and you may have to walk through some street style markets to get between mall sections. These can be hectic. Avoid going around Christmas, as this place (along with the rest of Manila's Malls) gets crazy busy!


  1. Nice! I Have the modern-head variant of that Robin, but the classic head looks great with Golden-Age Batman

  2. There are some awesome places to shop over there! I would spend a ton of money if i was there lol.

  3. High class toy store. I will visit this one of this days.

    shopping malls in philippines

  4. I came upon your site while looking for advice for Lego in HK, and saw this entry.

    There's another level in Shoppesville (called Shoppesville Plus) with a ton of loose toys as well! Hope you were able to visit that area as well.